Clubhouse Renovation Update - April 2013
Posted on Apr 1st, 2013

Building on the update given at the end of January, we have made much progress in the last two months of the Design phase.  We have engaged with our architect, Hug & Associates, who has presented two fantastic design options for the Committee to review.  Currently Hug & Associates has selected a structural, electrical, mechanical and plumbing engineer to design their respective areas for code compliance and implementation into the overall design.   The final plan will be presented to the Committee within the next two months. This will allow us to move in to the Permitting phase which will occur late spring.   Once permits are in place, and a bid has been awarded – due late summer – construction can begin following the pool season on September 9, 2013.
Current Clubhouse Tentative Milestones (Subject to Change)
  • Engineering Design Complete – 4/20
  • Architectural Design Complete- 5/30
  • Committee and Board Review/Comments- 6/1-6/16
  • Apply for Permit/County Review 6/17-7/22
  • Plans out for Bid – 7/29-8/9
  •  Award Contract – 8/19
  • Construction Start/Finish – 9/9 – 12/6
We look forward to sharing final plans with the Community once the Committee has given final approval - and are very excited as we continue to move this project forward!
Financing Update
As most of you know, we will finance the Renovation project.   This loan, closed last month, is much like a line of credit that we will draw against during the project.  To facilitate financing, we began collecting the first payment from the community that was due on December 31.  We have received first payment from the vast majority of our residents at this time.  Thanks for diligently remitting your payments – this initial collection was an important step in finalizing our line of credit.  Looking ahead, the Board plans to draw against funds remitted thus far before accessing the line of credit as we move in to the Construction phase of the project.
**You can find updates on the Clubhouse Renovation here on our website - or in the quarterly newsletter - coming to your mailbox the first month of each quarter!