Clubhouse renovations update
Posted on Mar 28th, 2014

  Both items were not sufficient and had to be addressed in order to move forward with permitting.  As a result of these concerns, we hired a civil engineer to develop a site plan for the driveway modifications and hydrant installation.  The months of January and February were devoted to a survey of the full property, meeting with the engineer and development of our site plan.  Our civil engineer worked with the county to review site modifications required for permitting to ensure the plans were on the right track.  During this conversation with the county, we were told that we would need to seek a variance from the Georgia EPD as our clubhouse is within the state stream buffer. As a result, we are hiring an environmental consultant to work with the EPD to determine what modifications or concessions would be necessary to gain their comfort to approve a variance.  We are working to have all of our plans ready to submit to the state for buffer variance approval by mid-April.  We are told that this variance approval can take up to 120 days.
As you probably have figured, our spring start date has now become a fall start date.  All of this is still pending issuance of our permits from the county – which appears to have a high likelihood at this point, but it is the state buffer variance that is up in the air.  When we all set out to work on this project, we never imagined all the red tape involved and all of the time that would be required for each phase – and of course, our location to a lake, stream and the Chattahoochee River complicates the issue.  It is frustrating and slow, but please be aware we are working very hard to deliver this project.  The Board is committed to this project, and please rest assured there will be an improved clubhouse and your dollars will be put to good use.  We will update you again once we get to the next milestone – hopefully a state buffer variance!
In the meantime, if you have any questions – please don’t hesitate to ask!

Caroline Lowden, President