Clubhouse Renovation Update - October 2013
Posted on Oct 27th, 2013

Clubhouse Renovation Update - Q&A:
So we get a lot of questions these days about the clubhouse project – as we should expect!  We have summarized a few of these (with a bit of tongue-in-cheek) to help update you all on the status of our project.  Yes, there is actually a project that is ongoing and we have not rested for one moment during the last several months as we have moved the process forward.

We haven’t heard anything from you in a while – are you guys actually doing anything?
Why, yes – your Board is hard at work on the clubhouse project.  The reason it has been a bit quiet over the last few months is because we have been in the final design and bid phase.  This is the boring part – where the architect and project managers take over and submit for permit, send our designs out for bid, etc.  This seems fairly simple and expedient and should only take a week or two, right?  Unfortunately we are not only on our own timetable, but that of the contractors, county, etc.  We filed for permit in late September and are currently working through that process.  We appreciate your patience and understanding!  There will be visible momentum very soon!

You say that contractors have been bidding on the project.  How many quotes have we obtained and what is the status of selection?
The Board, our architect and Pete Keskonis have been working to obtain several quotes over the summer up to recent weeks.   Currently, our design consists of 15 pages of drawings and architectural specifications.  These detailed drawings are required for permitting purposes as well as to allow for competitive and accurate bids.  Our first round of pricing engaged three contractors recommended by our architect.  Based on the results of this first pricing round, the board and members of the committee went through a value engineering process with our architects to reduce costs without losing original design/functional intentions.  A 2nd pricing round was required as a result to obtain accurate and market pricing with the latest drawings and specifications.

Round One:
  • MaCallan Group $ 298,497.00
  • JM Williams $ 384,289.00
  • Morton Construction $ 432,041.00
Round Two*:
  • 5th Generation Contracting $ 239,948.00
  • Macallan Group $ 246,371.47
  • Wisdom Properties $ 248,000.00
*Note- JM Williams and Morton Construction dropped out of 2nd round of pricing. Wisdom and 5th Generation were solicited to obtain three (3) responsible proposals.

The board has recommended moving forward with 5th Generation and is currently in contract negotiation and review.  However, this process cannot move forward until we obtain our permit that was applied for as of late September.  This process has returned concerns from the Fire Marshall and has stopped the permit until they are resolved.

What does the permit process entail and how long until we can start our construction project?
The permitting process involves the county inspection of code compliance and life & safety issues per current building codes.  This process can take anywhere from 4 – 6 weeks, perhaps more if issues are encountered.   With any project of this magnitude, dealing with common areas that have not been reviewed by the County in 30+ years, we should always anticipate the potential for issues that need to be addressed.  We have encountered one area of surprise with the Fire Marshall and the issue relates to access to our building by a fire truck and proximity of a fire hydrant.  Currently, it is unclear what it will take to bring our areas up to code.  To find out, we are working with the County to determine their requirements.  The required spend for this could be big or small – we just don’t know yet – and won’t know for a few more weeks.  The Board is working on a strategy to address within our budget and currently available funds.   The board is committed to delivering this project within the limits of our current funding.

At this time we do not know what this does to our project timing – except, obviously we are delayed.  Once we begin construction – we expect the project to take 120 days to complete.  This means we could begin as late as December, and still have the clubhouse available for the spring/summer swim season.  Of course, we would like to begin sooner and will if we are able – but unfortunately we find ourselves at the mercy of the county and whatever modifications might be required thereafter.
So where is the money I paid toward the assessment now?  Are you guys spending it on fancy parties?
Your money from the assessment is safe and sound within our bank account, and we will only allocate these funds towards the renovation of our clubhouse.  We have accessed these dollars to fund the expenses thus far in 2013, primarily those associated with architectural design and county permitting.
We want to ensure that everyone knows what we know – and will continue to update you all through the newsletter and email communications.  Any lulls in information have only been a result of the phase we are in – and not intentional or a sign of inaction.  You have put your faith in the board by electing us – and if you have any concerns at any time, please let our President – or any other board member know!   The Clubhouse Renovation will be a primary topic at our annual meeting set for Sun, Dec 8th – so please make plans to attend!  We hope to be under construction by then and have current permitting issues behind us.